ATM cards are locked for various reasons, making it difficult for cardholders to make transactions.

The ATM card is locked, cannot access the system, cannot make transactions on the POS machine usually for the following reasons:

Overdue ATM cards: domestic ATM cards are valid for 5-7 years and have an expiration date written on the front of the card. If this time limit is exceeded, the customer’s card will be locked and cannot be used. Customers need to bring the card to the bank to exchange for a new card before the expiry date indicated on the card.

– Incorrect password input more than 5 times: In case of incorrect PIN entry of ATM card more than 5 times, the ATM card will be temporarily locked by the bank to ensure safety.

– ATM card does not generate transactions for a long time: Normally, after 12-18 months of not being used, the ATM card will be locked.

– ATM card is damaged, error: If the magnetic tape on the back of the card is strongly scratched, the card is warped, dented, it will make the system unable to scan and recognize the card information. When the system recognizes the error, it will also temporarily lock the ATM card.

– Using ATMs that are not in the same system, without inter-bank links: When customers try to use ATM cards at ATMs that are not in the same system, there is no link, the cardholder is at risk of having the card locked.

– System error: Sometimes the ATM may encounter an error, or the bank fails, causing the ATM card not to be accepted for payment and locked. The bank can also block the card if it finds that the card has unusually large value transactions.

How to handle when ATM card is locked

Customers need to contact the bank immediately when seeing that the ATM card is locked. The fastest way is to go to a bank branch, bring your ID or passport to ask the staff to check and reopen the card. Note that customers cannot authorize others but need to personally go to the bank branch to carry out the card opening procedure.

The procedure for unlocking ATM cards is very simple, especially with domestic ATM cards. Customers only need to bring their identification documents, declare the balance and re-implement the sample signature signed when opening the card for the staff to review. The fee to reactivate a locked ATM card is usually free. In case of needing to renew a new card, customers only need to pay the card making fee (50,000 – 100,000 VND/card).

In case the ATM card is found to be locked outside of the bank’s working hours, the cardholder can call the hotline of the bank where he/she made the card to ask for help on ways to unlock the ATM card at home. Besides, with some banks, customers can use e-banking applications to open locked ATM cards online.

In the process of using ATM cards, customers need to pay attention to some issues to ensure safety and security when using ATM cards:

– Always remember your PIN and keep it secure, especially when making transactions at an ATM.

– When you drop or lose your card, you need to quickly notify the bank to temporarily lock the card.

– Always remember to take your card after withdrawing money or making transactions at an ATM.

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